[ 10 SEPTEMBER 2002 ]

A long overdue news database goes live with a search engine. The rest of the site will be dynamically-enabled soon

[ 14 JUNE 2002 ]

Various sites around the village are viewable, 'live' on the 'snapshots' page accessible from the left-hand menu.
The images will be mostly updated on a
daily basis.

[ 25 MAY 2002

1,000,0000 page visits reached (visitors from 57 countries)

[ 20 SEPTEMBER 2001 ]

PSVO has been listed under the sub-category of 'UK Museums and Galleries' in the Arts section of the BBC's prestigious Webguide

[ 22 AUGUST 2001 ]

BBC's Radio 5 Live features PSVO in the 'Drive' section as part of its 'Wonderful WIrral' feature.

[ 20 APRIL2001 ]

PSVO listed as a 'best site' on Encyclopaedia Britannica.

[ 18 MARCH 2001 ]

PSVO has finally reached the heady heights of the Merseyworld Top 20 achieving nearly 14,000 page impressions weekly.

[ 01 FEBRUARY 2001 ]

Some visitors have commented on the smallness of the main frame whilst browsing.On smaller screens (PC's only) this can be rectified
by pressing F11 on the keyboard. Pressing F11 again will return the screen to its normal size.

[ 07 DECEMBER 2000 ]

The 'events' section in the community pages has been simplified to allow easier reference.

[ 30 NOVEMBER 2000 ]

Previous visitors will have immediately noticed a completely new look to the Port Sunlight Village Community Online Website.

Please be reassured that the the same core aims, which have sustained the site's popularity over the last two years, continue...

A commitment to substance over style - though the new design will hopefully make it quicker and easier to find what you're looking for.

A commitment to information - to provide a historical and topical resource for students, educators, residents and visitors alike.

This update maintains much of the substantial content of the original site, but presents it in a more organised and user friendly manner. There are also several new and enhanced elements - particularly an improved look at the village's outstanding architecture. By way of an experiment, the site now features a 360 degree multimedia panoramic view of an area of Port Sunlight . If this feature proves popular, more of the same type of material will be added - so if you like what you see, feel free to offer some feedback via the [ DISCUSSION FORUM ], [ MESSAGE BOARD ] or, directly, by [ E-MAIL ].

[ 29 NOVEMBER 2000 ]


The PSVCO was flattered to receive highly recommended status in 3 listings by the Lycos Internet search engine and portal site.

[ 24 JANUARY 2000 ]

Listed as a resource on the National Inventory Project

Visit Lycos at
[ www.lycos.co.uk ]


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